Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stalking? Only the good kind.

Ever see something you liked and then tweeted, blogged or facebooked it because you wanted to share something awesome with everyone?

Yeah, thats what we do.  Who's we?  The Artfire Stalkers guild, thats who!

Come check out this beautiful find - copper and crystal necklace. I love the way the copper color plays off the green crystal.

Check out the rest of her studio - she has some beautiful things that would make wonderful holiday gifts!
MzzThang's Studio

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My first post on my new blog!

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by.  This is my very first non personal blog I have ever tried to do so bear with me as I try to work out some kinks and hopefully you will find something worth reading here!

This blog is here to help showcase some of my work as well as helping to acquaint those who are not already acquainted with the world of handmade to better understand what those of us do to create a better product.

I know, I know, another soapbox post about the merits of buying handmade. I would have said the same thing, and ironically I have!  At least, I used to before I started making my own jewelry [and bookmarks]. And Im not just saying that because I am now doing those things but because in making my own things I have learned that I put a whole lot of effort and care into making a quality product and I really like the fact that the things I make are not mass produced.

Sure there are going to be similar styles and trends and thats nearly impossible to escape in the world of fashion and jewelry (as I have come to learn). But in most cases you will be one of a handful of people who will wear or own that particular piece of jewelry, or whatever you buy handmade.

Anyhow! If you're in the Dallas area, there is going to be a fantastic trade/craft show featuring many handmade sellers in and around the Dallas area this weekend.  It is sponsored by Etsy Dallas and you can find more information by clicking the link.  I am not in this show but I will be volunteering and I hope to be one of the vendors next year!

I will be adding a link section pretty soon for some additional helpful websites.