Friday, December 24, 2010

Is it catching?

For you creative folks out there who started to make handcrafted items and found you enjoyed it so much that the only way you can support your habit (and not be overrun in your own home by mountains of beautiful things) is to sell them.  Did you find that you had a passion but then you thought to yourself, if I can make this, I can also make that?

I don't know what it is! I see DIY crafts and I just want to try them all! Not to sell mind you, at least not yet!  More for home use :)

I have now made 5 moss terrariums, and they are super cute. They are going to be given for Christmas gifts as they are not at all the usual gift, although they aren't uncommon.  I even found a very sweet seller on Etsy (I tried finding something I liked on Artfire, but the selection is still too small : HINT: to all you clay smooshers out there - there is a need for terrarium miniatures on Artfire) to help me with the little clay miniatures that I put in them to liven them up a bit.  I will have to take photos of them and post!

And now, I want to try my hand at yarn wreaths. I found a really simple DIY tutorial and also saw a really simple way to make felt flowers in a magazine while waiting at the doctor's office one day that would be super adorable to use as embellishments.

I dont know when I'll have the time to start on all these extra crafts I want to do.  But my question is, do you do this too?

Once you start crafting it's hard to know where to stop!

Merry Christmas Everyone! ☺♥☺

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